Lorelumin Folklore:

A varied collection of Lorelumin stories and discoveries: may they inspire you on your journey through mystical locales in the natural world.

Bloom Flower.jpg

the jeweled bloom

The Lorelumin have a lead on a very peculiar necklace. It is said to appear in the bloom of a white flower native to the Islands of the Open Oceans.

Changed Souls.jpg

the changed souls

Not all wild creatures began their lives in this form. Rather, some animals were once humans who experienced great hardship. They were given a choice: remain in their current state or become a resident of the wild.

Cloud Cover.jpg

the cloud cover

There is a nomadic group known as the “Cloud Cover.” They travel across distant lands with the clouds they call home. This group will harvest the water and deliver it to the other clans and lands they befriend.

Death River.jpg

The Death Creek

Within the forest there is a black watered creek, shaded by mossy oak, where a wild whisper waits. If you listen, find the singing silt, and rub it onto bare skin you will feel your death in a rush of scent and flash of color. A group often gathers and shares their death feelings: for one man a hazy shade of grey and the smell of fallen leaves after rain, for another a brilliant sunrise red and the ember smell of a dying fire, and for another a sheet of icy white and the smell was nothing at all.

Depth Diggers.jpg

The Depth Diggers

A clan known as the "Depth Diggers" have the ability to travel in and out of the earth like ghosts. On rare occasions, they will transport those they befriend to secret locations unattainable to most others.

Lamp Lighters.jpg


Deep in the mountains, there are creatures known as "Lamp Lighters". They seem like giant fireflies that glow bright for a second and then fade away. These creatures have only been seen from far off distances and no one knows what they look like up close.



If you find yourself lost in the woods, try whistling. This sometimes wakes up the Mosslings which are conscious patches of moss that are known to guide people through forests.

Lorelumin Library.jpg


There is a library buried deep within a cave that contains each discovery by Lorelumin members. Though no visible scribes are present to record the information, it seems that when written down by the discoverer, they also appear mysteriously within the library's collection. Some say invisible writers take over these duties, while others claim the pages themselves are alive with stories.

Night Eyes.jpg


On this Earth, there is a clan known as "Night Eyes" who have a unique ability to transfer their eyesight to the stars and preview events happening across distant lands and are able to serve as watchmen to all who earn their favor.

Distant Brothers.jpg

The Distant Brothers

There once were two brothers who lived in a tribe that ran close to a river bank. The brothers could neither be too close or too far from each other and were once the same person before they were split into two.



Often found nestling in corners, Foxbalm is an herbaceous bloom named for its velvety, fiery-orange leaves. When brewed into tea or distilled into oil, its leaves have been found to display medicinal properties, including headache relief and general calmness. Notably, ingesting or absorbing Foxbalm causes a temporary switch in the user’s dominant hand.

Dust People.jpg


A couple of days ago a fellow Lorelumin went for a walk in the woods behind his house and after getting about a mile and a half in, he noticed an older man walking ahead of him in the distance. The Lorelumin started to walk towards him to say hello but before he could, the man knelt down and as the Lorelumin got closer and closer he started to see less and less of the man until the only thing that remained was a small pile of dust laying in the grass where the man once was.

Foam Castles.jpg


It is rumored that if you can find the far edge of the Eastern sea by night, you might see a shoreline littered with hundreds of tiny, glowing castles. Local legend says that a very old and very eccentric wise woman has learned to weave bricks out of sea foam and moonlight. She spends her days sleeping in the craggy caves and the nights working tirelessly to perfect her trade. But because her back is bent, she can only build these castles about waist-high. They are invisible except by the light of the full moon, when they beckon home the high tide.

Tree Speak.jpg


The Lorelumin discovered a hill the other day that was hollow on the inside. There was a mysterious little creature living in it that had a glowing stone on its forehead. He was small, gentle, and seemed to love human company.

Wailing Cavern.jpg


There is a cavern in the woods whose walls are encrusted with sparkling crystal. The mouth of the cavern is shrouded in waxen vines so thick your hand cannot pass through. Many have witnessed the wall part, but only if you bring your grief and wail before the curtain. Cry your burden to the crossing vines and they may slither away.



In some valleys, cliffs will break off pieces of stone and send them hovering through the sky like seeds in the wind. The stone pieces plant new mountains in distant lands where no man will ever go.

Travel Markers.jpg


One Lorelumin tool some use often is Travel Markers. These Travel Markers can be placed at locations you discover that you wish to jump to when you need to fast travel or escape from your current situation.

River Offerings.jpg


Bodies of water have often acted as the offering grounds for both man and wild. Many mystical objects have been given through these bodies of water, and though they are generous, they are also slow to trust. Until you prove your friendship to them, their mysterious gates will remain closed to you.

Wind Whisperers.jpg

The Wind whisperers

There is a clan called the "Wind Whisperers" who have been known to seek out individuals who have a natural gift for wind working. This clan can communicate back andforth across long distances by sending messages on the wind.

Star Flies.jpg

The Wind whisperers

On the first day of summer, a certain tribe of fireflies exchange places with a select group of stars. They rotate annually, allowing each to see the others' perspective.

Stone Wall.jpg


Some of the old rock walls in the New England countrysidehave trolls living in them that turned into rocks. These troll rocks can still turn back into trolls at times in front of humans they befriend.

Raven Speech.jpg


Ravens are often avoided due to association with fear and doom; but, did you know that they are fluent in every bird, several reptile, and most human languages? Despite being perceived as solitaries, ravens are great conversationalists.

Snow Mountain.jpg


There are mountains and hills outside many small towns that no one person has ever been able to walk upon. These places are home for all that exist on this earth that are not meant for man.

Stone Ring.jpg


On an outcropping of rock near the edge of the sea you will find a ring of stones. Within is a pulsing power- whoever or whatever finds itself in the center may hover, weightlessly ascending into the sky. If you find the ring you may want to bring a rope and anchor yourself. Many wandering fawn have not had the luxury.

Unkown Gates.jpg


Some Lorelumin have recently been investigating a phenomenon happening throughout the lands. In unexpected locations, small gateways are appearing from what seems to be nowhere.

Wisdom Portals.jpg


Several whirlpools in the Distant Ocean act as portals to deep knowledge. It is thought that many famous thinkers and philosophers of old traveled to these vortexes and glimpsed mysteries untold.



Trees are some of the last living creatures who still speak the ancient language. It can be seen in the pattern on their bark but few can read it and understand what it means.

Rock Travel.jpg


Certain boulders, once broken free from the mountain, will roam across the lands but they only move as fast as it takes a tree to grow. The problem is that to this day not oneperson has had the patience to wait and see where they go.

Zephyr's Daughter.jpg


The residents of a small coastal town speak of a young girl living among them in the village, whom they call the 'Zephyr's Daughter.' She was not born there; most residents remember the day the ship came and crashed on the rocks. When the wreck was investigated, they found no one, save for a newborn baby girl. Since then, she was raised as one of their own.

White Stick.jpg


Some Lorelumin once knew a little girl that would always carry around a mysterious white stick that she said was given to her by a pond she befriended in the forest near her home. She said the stick gave her the ability to dance on the surface of her pond friend whenever she would visit. She also said that there are many more white stick waters in the forests that have been lonely and are patiently waiting for new dance partners.

Umbra Timepiece.jpg


The people of old were not a fast-paced people, but drew importance from the passing of shadow time. The naturally occurring Umbra Timepiece can be found in many rocky clearings, the flat stone and rising stone combine- using azimuth and altitude to dictate time. Place your palm upon the Umbra in the sun’s zenith to feel the heartbeatpulse of creation.

Tree Bend.jpg


To the ones that respect nature, take only what they need, and give back more than they take, certain trees bend and bow to them as they walk through the woods.