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Our time at the residency

After being burnt out and under inspired for too long, Ireland allowed us to breathe. Behind each rock and tree were slices of imagination waiting to be discovered again. Being in such a whimsical and melancholic place gave us the contemplation and inspiration needed to become whole again.

Listen to “The Spirit of Place” podcast episode to hear us talk about our experiences while in Ireland at
The Lorelumin Residency.


Cottage I

At the first cottage, we settled into working/living in Ireland, shot some product photos, bought too many cookies, and chatted about how fortunate we are to have one another during this time of rest and experimentation.

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Cottage II

At the second cottage, we explored a Thai garden in Kells Bay, discovered a secret lake hidden behind a hill, recorded podcast episodes, and confided in each other about the insecurities of attempting careers in creativity.

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Work done at the Residency

Our time at the Lorelumin Residency produced some interesting work and even more interesting ideas about what each of us can add to our disciplines. It was a combination of figuring out next steps for our lives and prototyping ideas for each of our businesses.

See below for a few samples of the work we did while in Ireland, be it paintings, photoshoots, or poetry.





Ireland Painting 2.png



In wind and rain divine—
quiet spirits dwell,
awaiting the silent moment
of breaking
when each of us whispers:
“I have nothing left.”

There, in the formless void,
light is waiting to break over the waters.

Having emptied,
we are ready to begin


How could you?

I trusted you
with the part of me that made me most afraid—
the string-ends of myself,
the one you made
and called “good.”

…didn’t you?

In this heap, bent sideways and undone, it seems I am damned by being made in your image.

It seems you are the devil,
the afflicter,
the undoer.

What, then, am I?

I was made to throw my heart into the sea,
and that, I think, is cruel.


Come on, come on, come on—
Can’t you make this work?
My cold hands disobey my shivering body,
holding matches and kindling in a stone circle made to give light.

Come on,
I ask them.
I beg.
Come on.

I eat the matches to stay warm.

That’s not the way this works, my body warns.
You are making this worse.

I don’t care, I grit my teeth.
I can’t just sit here
and do nothing.


Interested in the 2020 Residency?

We are taking submissions for the next Lorelumin Residency as we plan the details and gauge interest for 2020. If you would like to join the next adventure, fill out the form below and we will reach out to you with additional details.

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