Lorelumin is a fellowship of undercover creatives. Whether working day jobs as roofers or writers, artists or accountants, coders or creatives, our inner lives are dedicated to exploring the great, uncharted landscape of the imagination. 


We seek to delve into the weird and the wondrous through original folklore products created by talented artists, writers, and makers.

We hope our work echoes both the natural and the strange, helping you see the ordinary world with an element of childlike wonder.

The Legend of the Lorelumin

The Lorelumin began as five ordinary folk who willingly encountered stories. They had no special skills, nor magical abilities: merely a willingness and a purity. The five saw the beyond and sought it, finding many wonderful things, both tame and wild.  

The miner’s daughter found them in the cold iron and the buried gemstones.     

The traveler felt them in the cold night air and the thick morning fog.  

The scholar found them under the stars and in his glowing pipe.  

The fisherman found them in his lonely songs to the salty sea.  

The baker found them in the rising bread and the growing herbs.  

Like a prism splits a clear stream of light into many colors, so each saw a different and necessary piece of these mysterious stories. And when they came together, each was multifaceted and brilliant. The light was with them everywhere and touched all they touched.  

Though we began as five, our ranks have since grown. Through the years and miles, the five met others like them, kindreds who also dared to enter story’s embrace. The Lorelumin still welcome in the seekers and the wanderers. Together, we are stronger and the stories fuller.


Eira of the Wild Waters

Eira pursued the free wild at all cost. Known to prefer the open ocean for her adventures, she was singularly focused on her passions. Above all others, she represented the ideal of unhindered freedom.

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Iember of the Unknown Lands

Iember was equal parts capable and mysterious. He was known as the shepherd of the "Unknown Lands". Although underestimated, his power was described as "limitless" by the few who saw it. Iember represented the ideal of the unattainable unknown.


The Eiza Sisters

The Eiza Sisters were known as the ambassadors of compassion. It was by their hands that the Lorelumin maintained fellowship with the outside clans. They represent the ideal of communal hope.